“I am honored to support Ann in her bid for judge.  Ann brings the right temperament, knowledge and passion to this important position in our community.   With her on the bench we know we will have a strong advocate for justice and victim advocacy that Judge Rosemary Collins has brought to our community for so many years.”
-Mayor Thomas McNamera
Jean Vitale
“I wholeheartedly support Ann Dempsey for Circuit Judge! I know her both professionally and through community service. Ann has over 25 years of legal experience. She has integrity, patience, common sense, and is open minded…all traits I feel are necessary to administer the law in a fair and unbiased manner. Her passion for enhancing and supporting programs to reduce all types of violence, especially domestic violence, is especially critical to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our community. We need Ann Dempsey to be elected to the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial District.”  –Jean Vitale, Owner of Beefaroo Restaurants 1967-2007
Mary Ann Smith

“Please join me in supporting Ann Dempsey’s candidacy for circuit judge. I am so happy that Ann is running for this place in our judiciary. Ann is a good listener, and she responds thoughtfully. Her education and legal experience will serve us well in challenging times.”

“We have long appreciated the work of Judge Rosemary Collins, and now with her retirement. we need another strong independent voice in our courts. I have known Ann a long time and I am so proud that she has stepped up to have a greater role in issues that are so important to our community.” –Mary Ann Smith

Jennifer Cacciapaglia


“I have spent my career striving to make our community safer and working to end domestic violence. Domestic violence effects every corner of our community – our homes, our courts, our schools and our businesses. Ann Dempsey recognizes effectively addressing this issue is critical to the safety and well being of our community. Ann shares my unwavering commitment to ending this epidemic, and this is why we must elect her Circuit Judge.” —Jennifer K. Cacciapaglia, Rockford Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Al Golden - IBEW

“The Local Union 364 Political Action Committee is proud to announce our endorsement of Ann Dempsey for Circuit Court judge.” –Alan R. Golden, Business Manager and Financial Secretary, Local Union 364, IBEW

Bill Rose

“As an Alderman for the City of Rockford, I always work to support what is best for our community, that’s why I am endorsing Ann Dempsey for Circuit Judge.”
-Bill Rose

Ellen Harrisson cropped

“I have known Ann for over 15 years, both professionally and personally. Her legal knowledge and skills would be an asset to our judiciary. Beyond her legal qualifications, Ann also has the personal qualities and life experience that would make her an effective judge, she is a good listener, fair minded and has shown a dedication and commitment to community improvement.” -Ellen B. Lynch, Chancellor, General Counsel, Diocese of Rockford

(Above) Endorsements From Organized Labor Organizations

Bill Timm.edited

“I have known Ann for over 45 years and I wholeheartedly recommend her for Circuit Judge. She has the integrity, patience, honesty and and temperament for this important position. I encourage others support her campaign.” -Bill Timm, former Alderman, City of Rockford

Karen Hoffman

“In addition to my role as Alderwoman of the 8th Ward in the City of Rockford, I also serve this community in several other leadership roles including on the Board of Commissioners of the Rockford Housing Authority. I know what commitment to community and leadership looks like. In addition to her legal experience and integrity, I am supporting Ann because I know she will continue to work for community improvements when elected as circuit judge. She has my support!” – Karen Hoffman, Alderwoman, City of Rockford

Rudy Valdez

“I am committed to always engage as a citizen to promote and improve our community, which is why I ran for Mayor, worked to support Home Rule, and have stayed involved in many community boards and committees, including public safety committee lead for the Coalition of Latino Leaders. I fully support regional leaders that share similar values, especially in the area of public safety. Ann’s commitment to working on behalf of the judiciary to reduce domestic violence is critical to our community safety and improvement. She has my enthusiastic support and I encourage everyone in the 17th Judicial District to vote for her. Ann is the right leader for this important position!” —Rudy Valdez

Barb Pic

“I have known Ann since the early 1990’s when she served on the Board of the Arthritis Foundation. I have been involved with and committed to the not for profit community in Rockford for many decades. Some of my volunteer work includes the Auburn Key Club and serving as an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. It was an honor to be named Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce. I know that Ann shares my commitment to public service and I’m pleased to support her campaign because I know she will make a positive impact as circuit judge. Ann has the right background and broad legal experience to be effective on the bench. I endorse Ann Dempsey for circuit judge.” – Barbara Berman

Henry Close.edited (1)

After practicing law with Ann for over 25 years – I have personal knowledge of her legal skills and ability. Ann’s legal experience would be an asset to our judiciary. Ann’s character and integrity along with her legal knowledge make her uniquely and highly qualified to serve as circuit judge. She has my support. – Attorney Henry Close

Maurice West

“As the next State Representative of the 67th District, I look forward to working with Ann to reduce domestic violence and all violence in our community. Ann is committed to pursuing a Family Justice Center. I have faith that Ann with fairly interpret and apply the law to all who come before the court. She has my support and vote on November 6th.” – Maurice West

Bustos Endorsement photo

“I am proud to be in Rockford supporting Ann Dempsey, who will make an excellent Circuit Court Judge… I’ve known Ann for a quite a while, and in her, I see a woman who is committed to fairness, community service, and professional excellence. And as a graduate of my Build the Bench program, I am so proud of the campaign she is running to communicate her values to the voters of Winnebago and Boone Counties.” –Representative Cheri Bustos

Durbin and Dempsey

“We need qualified judges at all levels of our judiciary. Ann Dempsey is committed to supporting crime victims and families by promoting a Family Justice Center. I support Ann Dempsey for circuit judge based on both her legal experience and dedication to reducing domestic violence.” –U.S. Senator Dick Durbin