Now more than ever, our judges must be held to high standards; our citizens must feel confident that their judges remain honest and guided by strong ethical principles and committed to following the rule of law in all cases. This is even more important today when some people have lost faith in our government institutions. For our legal system to work as it is intended to, judges must maintain the confidence of the public and act with integrity at all times, both on and off the bench.

Violent Crime and Public Safety:

It is no secret that our community has a crime problem. Violent crime, from gang violence to domestic violence, is a very real issue. As a lifelong resident of this community, I want to do whatever I can to ensure our children –and all people— are safe. The courts play a role in removing dangerous criminals from our community, a role I will take very seriously.

Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is a problem that impacts almost all areas of our court system from civil court to family court to criminal court. Not only a burden on our families and court system, domestic violence is a burden on our public safety resources. Almost one-third of all police calls in our community are related to domestic violence. This crisis drains our limited law enforcement resources. I am dedicated and committed to working as a strong advocate to combat domestic violence. Judge Rosemary Collins —a long time role model of mine —has been a leader in addressing this crisis by expanding programs to fight domestic violence, by bringing grant funding to our courts and providing supportive services to victims. She has truly made a difference as a Circuit Judge. When she retires next year, I am committed to continuing her work in addition to my official duties on the bench

Leadership and Commitment:

I strongly believe that I have a responsibility to contribute to my community through volunteer service and work to make our community better. As a lifelong resident, I have worked hard to fulfill this responsibility. In addition to serving on the boards for many nonprofit organizations, I have held leadership positions both as an elected trustee for Rock Valley College and as president of the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford.

I believe that a Judge should personally work to better our community, and as a Circuit Judge, I will continue my volunteer service in ways to support our judiciary.